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Typically you should look in our newsletter (the latest copy is always here online, on the Newsletters page) for our classified ads. But in between newsletter releases we post items here. Contact us if you’d like to run an ad, and check back here often!

A cello shop we can endorse: www.celloconnection.com – Instruments for sale and also to be bought… cellos, violins, violas, and bows!

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For Sale

Cello for Sale: Lawrence LaMay, 1975. Regina Mushabac is selling her well-loved and well-cared-for cello. She is the original and only owner. She bought it directly from Lawrence LaMay (1922-1980) in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1975. She used it exclusively and extensively for 35 years until recently when she bought another cello. Regina knew LaMay well during her two years while teaching at The University of Kentucky. She test tried many of his cellos. He designed and built this one for her, accommodating her preferences. He told her it was one of his finest instruments. It has a bold rich sound and is in excellent condition.

Price: $40,000
Contact: Regina Mushabac
Professor of Cello Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, Ohio 44017
Office: 440.826.2099 Cell: 440 666 2941
Email: rmushaba@bw.edu

Cello bow by Steven Reiley (2006) Pictured at right. $4,500 (81.6 grams: deep red-brown pernambuco, round stick, silver mountings, mother-of-pearl). Wood for this bow was selected specially for its resonance. It is very responsive. Call (419) 351-4060 or e-mail drmhankin@gmail.com.

Full sized cello made by Ponziani, has not been played in 30 years. Asking $3800. Has been evaluated by Horst Uebell at $4000. Also: a cello bow by Grunke, evaluated by Horst Uebel at $4000; asking $3800. Please call Beth @216-661-4436 or e-mail bethmarie9989@att.net.

German cello bow – Pictured at left. $3,800 (83.8 grams: red-brown pernambuco, round stick, silver mountings). This is strong playing stick. Call (419) 351-4060 or e-mail drmhankin@gmail.com.



NEW LISTING! For Sale: 1/4 Size Czech Cello  Beautiful condition and great sound!  $325  Contact Sarah at pupraiser21@gmail.com or 216-482-7275….email is preferred.

Ernst Heinrich Roth 1978 4/4 Cello, $13,000; one owner, excellent condition. Contact aileenpr@umich.edu.

Antonio Ramirez Cello, 2000. Pictured at left. From the Workshop of Michael D. Goronok. This is an excellent intermediate cello: it plays very easily and has an excellent attack, particularly for an intermediate instrument. Both bass and treble are pleasing. $2600, with case and bow. Please contact Wendy McGuffin-Cawley: 440-570-7147 or 216-561-2430.

Beautiful 1/2 size Caprice cello with an amazingly rich and resonant sound for this size of cello. Varnish is in near perfect condition, no apparent scratches or nicks. A well-padded soft case included. Previously used by child of professional musician. Asking $1500. 216-281-1313 or e-mail nlp451@sbcglobal.net.

4/4 ‘Cello by Snow, 2002. Pictured at right. Model PC700 Italian 1704 Varnish, shaded to imitate age, ebony fittings with Wittner tailpiece with tuners, French bridge by Reese Williams. Cello made by Snow String Instruments of Beijing, China. Includes: Very nice black, soft, well-padded cello case. Note: It does NOT include a bow. This is a very lovely instrument, one owner, with a beautiful resonant tone for a serious cello student looking for his/her first full-sized cello; or for a beginner to intermediate adult student. $4200. Call 440-498-3914 or e-mail david.ellis@oberlin.edu or evaellis@sbcglobal.net.

1999 William Harris Lee cello. Excellent cello for the price. Must play!!! Perfect for an advancing student. Only one owner. Slightly modified from the original setup, and sounds MUCH better than other models of the same type, and other cellos in the same price range. Asking $12,000. Call 502-295-7050 or jcvaughn@hotmail.com. (more photos available upon request)

Full size cello and bow, nice sound, very good condition, $2500. Call 216-283-6560.

Student 3/4 size Hermet Schartel cello with case, bow and rock stop Very good condition, excellent sound, asking $450. Call Ann at 440-946-5137 or e-mail afkuzree@yahoo.com.

Wanted To Buy

Adult amateur cellist looking to purchase a full-sized cello in the $1,800 to $2,000 range. Please contact Dave at cogsprocket@me.com.

Quality 3/4-size Cello. Call Debby at 216-751-7127 or e-mail at dgoldenberg@roadrunner.com.

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